Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Does A Smile Really Say???

This may be a crazy conversation, but you will soon learn one thing about me, I tend to see things in a crazy way : )After debates with my husband regarding what is and is not appropriate for a woman to wear, and as the Spirit has worked in my life, I have let some things go...But now the debates has moved from the clothing I wear on my physical body, to the smile I wear on my face.Now, my husband says that due to my "friendly-ness", my ability to never meet a stranger, my ability to give everyone the benefit of the dought, can be translated in the mind of a man as flirting. After going back and forth about this issue, I decided to conduct an experiment. For one week I walked around town, conducted business, meeting people, getting gas, in my usual manner. By speaking to everyone, smiling at everyone, acknowledging everyone. And what I notices was, yes there would be times when I would have to stop a man in his tracks to let him know, no, I am not hitting on you or responding to you in a "I am interested" way, I am acknowledging you out of love. And I have to say, it was more times than not that a man misinterpreted my kindness as an open invitation.The next week, I made it a point to change my behavior, not speak or smile to anyone, not have a inviting spirit, and it was a horrible experience. I will say, not one man approached me. But I felt bad inside for that entire week.So what did I learn from the experience? It's important to me to treat people with kindness and love. And if any actions are mis-understood, I have no problem clearing up the mis-understanding. I, by no meens, am trying to send off signals of flirting. Why can't I just be kind to people and people understand I am only being kind??? Being a Christian, to me, is loving. But so many people make that hard to do, by being rude, or wanting more.Oh well, like I said, when I am alone and conducting my business or running errands, I can't help but to be kind and offer a stranger a smile. But when I am with my husband... I leave the smiling to him.What do you think? Why are we viewed as flirting, when the Word of God says to love???

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