Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home Based Business...Am I Ready???

The time has come, where I will be leaving corporate america to start my very own Home Business.  I have dabbed in a few ventures, some just for fun, and others never moving forward due to fear...but I am now at that point where, it's do or Die!  As I go through the research, trying to figure out how to apply for a business license and IF a business license is needed...the one thing I keep saying to myself is..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Does that make the fear go away?  No.  But it does encourage me to push through the fear.  The funny thing is, I already have people waiting for they can work for me.  Yes, I am praying that the Lord touches my business venture in a wonderful way.  I can't see why He wouldn't...He gave me the idea : )

Oh well, this will be another something to blog about...My journey into becoming a business owner.  And I am excited!

As I searched the web for a photo that would allow you to feel my emotion regarding this blog, I came across this one which is so on POINT!  Because last night, I moved my computer into my kitchen, because I don't have a desk yet...As the scripture in the Bible says, when the Prophet went to the widow for food, and she only have enought to feed her and her son, he asked her..."What do you have in your home???"  All she had was a jar, and the Lord blessed her with many more jars that ran over so she was able to feed the prophet and her family.  So...what do I have in my house???  A kitchen table aka my computer desk : )

I pray to have this humor throughout this journey.  Because I know I am being led by the Lord.  And He will get all of the glory!!!!  Because all I have is a kitchen table : )

To everyone that comes across this blog...What ever it is...You can do it!  Just take the first step...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here I Am.

Here I Am...Still standing.  Not by my own strength, but by the Grace of God.  Today.  I will be turning my vehicle in, as a "Voluntary Repo" as it's called.  And still thankful.  Yes, I have been hit by the economy, but...the economy is not my Provider.  So, I will be letting my vehicle go.  Yes, I loved my's only a car.  Material things...which can be replaced.  I was giving a word from Heaven that said "I know the plans I have for you, they are NOT plans to hurt you, but plans to prosper you."  So I am trusting that this is ALL according to what GOD has for me.  I am learning to be a better steward over my money.  I am learning to look too and TRUST the Lord.  I am learning to look to HIM before making decision, and most of all I am learning "OBEDIENCE."  Living in a small town, I know there are many watching me and how I will respond to the different "trials" that seem to be coming at me all at once.  I know my family is watching to see if I will break down.  And I know my enemies are watching. I read this morning, maybe it's not about me after all.  Maybe I am being used by God for a far bigger purpose.  What ever the reason is, I will count it all joy, and trust in the Lord.

"Nebuchadnezzar spoke, saying, "Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abed-Nego, who sent His Angel and delivered His servants who trusted in Him, and they have frustrated the king's word, and yielded their bodies, that they should not serve nor worship any god except their own God!" Daniel 3:28

It was through the faith of the 3 Hebrew boys that the Truth of who the Most High God was...was revealed, and salvation was for many.  Thank you Lord, for choosing me, to endure these trials.  Because I know you are a faithful God.  And I am your servant.


Friday, September 3, 2010

As I Clean My Kitchen.

Life is used to teach us and grow us in many ways. Today when I got home from a busy day in the office, I decided to clean my kitchen. And I mean really clean my kitchen. I cleaned the entire stove outside and inside...I cleaned the refrigerator outside and inside...I polished cabinets...and mopped the floor. As I cleaned, I started to think...which I believe I was trying to avoid by cleaning. But I was thinking. I was thinking about how much I miss my husband. We have been separated for almost 6 months. Last weekend we started talking and spent time together. And it was wonderful. But once we started talking about the major issues we had to face, he shut down. Its been days since we have spoken. Tonight is one of those nights...cloudy sky, lights down low, but I Am alone. So what will I do now that my kitchen is spick and span? Will I stay in this mind set? Feel sorry for myself? No. I think I will put my favorite Gospel Cd on (Marvin Sapp) and get to working on my business plan. Because all things will work for my good...but I have to work it. As my hubby said, God has already given us a word...but we have to move the stone. And move the stone I shall! Happy Friday! Regardless of where you are or who you are with. Be thankful!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Real Fight. BUT...I Was Never Alone.

Being a Christian woman, I have heard time and time again to watch out for the attacks of the enemy. How Ephesians tells us how to prepare for, and handle the attacks when they come. But I never really understood this. Yes, I have experienced the daily darts of the enemy, but never a full blown attack as I did yesterday. And it was such an experience that I have to share well as have it here, as a reminder, of just how REAL the enemy is...(as if I will EVER forget it!!!!)

090110. A sequence of numbers that I will never forget. 09/01/10. A date I will never forget. As I look back over how this could have happened to me or WHY this could have happened to me, I am left praying for a revelation from our Father. And maybe I will never get one, other than...”I will NEVER let go of you!” Because I know for a fact yesterday, JESUS HIMSELF had me in HIS HANDS.

The last few days had been wonderful days, filled with praise and worship. With two business ideas preparing to be birthed, ways were being opened for me, structure was being set, and FEAR was being over-come. On top of that, I had been doing Bible reading with my office assistant (who was raised under another belief), and the day before (08-31-10), she actually asked me if I would pray with her for a revelation of who God was and understanding. Which we held hands, and I prayed with and for her. And it was a wonderful feeling knowing God was hearing our prayers ans she was in search of “SALVATION”. That evening I went home, as I was preparing dinner and listening to one of my favorite Pastors, he was peaching about how we are to put on the whole amour, and to STAND. He kept saying “Stand”.

Then, the very next morning, it was as if I was on the TOP of the enemy's hit list!!! And with out describing all of the things I was going through, I want to describe it “mentally”. It started by a harassing and pressing phone call. And when I received the phone call, it was as if I had been pulled into a spiritual hell, with demons determined to get me to end my life. I remember thinking “Oh my goodness, how can I do this? I can't do this!!! I might as well just end my life!!!” Then I remember asking...”Why is this happening??? Lord, what is happening to me???” And all the time I am driving around town, deciding if I am going home to end my life. My thoughts were...”I might as well end my life now. But will I go to heaven???” And when I started thinking about thoughts went to...”Lord help me!!!!! What is going on???? Then I remembered what the Pastor said the night before...we have to STAND! So I started to pray,... LORD, Help me stand!!!!” And this battle went on for over an hour, with me driving around, fighting the thoughts that were leading me to end my life.

THEN. I returned to my office. Thinking I was going to pack it up and just leave, for some reason, I open my email. And the very first email was titled...”THE BATTLE IS OVER!” And I cried!!!! But it was a cry of relief. Because I then understood what was going on. For whatever reason, the enemy tried to convince me to take my life. BUT...GOD would not let me go. It was as if HE allowed it to happen. HE allowed me to call out too and understand just WHO HE WAS IN MY LIFE! Later that afternoon, as I continued to think about the entire ordeal, I read a message that said...”The pressure will come to convince you to do something that you neither want to do nor have been moved by My Spirit to do. Stand your ground without wavering, and do not give in to anything that causes stress or has a sense of urgency about it. For, the enemy wants you to be distracted from an important chain of events that will produce greater spiritual power and benefit as you continue in the flow of My wisdom and blessings, says the Lord.

Galatians 5:1 “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled with a yoke of bondage.”

As I awoke this morning, STILL reflecting on the past events, I was so very thankful for another day. I was thankful for life. And I was thankful for a loving God that would not allow me to be taken, snatched from HIS hand.

Our daily lives are a struggle. We live in a fallen world. When we desire to live holy, blameless lives, the enemy is out to stop us. BUT...the LORD, who is our Shepard, will never leave us nor forsake us.

090110. A sequence of numbers that I will never forget. 09/01/10. A date I will never forget.

A life lesson, to be remembered for ever. HIS Grace and Mercy...Not allowing me to get what I deserve...DEATH and giving me, what I don't deserve...LIFE.

Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. And I thank Him.