Friday, September 3, 2010

As I Clean My Kitchen.

Life is used to teach us and grow us in many ways. Today when I got home from a busy day in the office, I decided to clean my kitchen. And I mean really clean my kitchen. I cleaned the entire stove outside and inside...I cleaned the refrigerator outside and inside...I polished cabinets...and mopped the floor. As I cleaned, I started to think...which I believe I was trying to avoid by cleaning. But I was thinking. I was thinking about how much I miss my husband. We have been separated for almost 6 months. Last weekend we started talking and spent time together. And it was wonderful. But once we started talking about the major issues we had to face, he shut down. Its been days since we have spoken. Tonight is one of those nights...cloudy sky, lights down low, but I Am alone. So what will I do now that my kitchen is spick and span? Will I stay in this mind set? Feel sorry for myself? No. I think I will put my favorite Gospel Cd on (Marvin Sapp) and get to working on my business plan. Because all things will work for my good...but I have to work it. As my hubby said, God has already given us a word...but we have to move the stone. And move the stone I shall! Happy Friday! Regardless of where you are or who you are with. Be thankful!
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  1. Many men shut down when it's time to communicate about the 'serious' issues. My own marriage has walked over issues that needed to be confronted,and when they finally are, they sometimes lead to disagreements or arguments because someone is EXPOSED and no one likes their faults to be exposed. Some things are better left unsaid.

  2. laVendar...I understand. And I am learning : )