Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home Based Business...Am I Ready???

The time has come, where I will be leaving corporate america to start my very own Home Business.  I have dabbed in a few ventures, some just for fun, and others never moving forward due to fear...but I am now at that point where, it's do or Die!  As I go through the research, trying to figure out how to apply for a business license and IF a business license is needed...the one thing I keep saying to myself is..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Does that make the fear go away?  No.  But it does encourage me to push through the fear.  The funny thing is, I already have people waiting for they can work for me.  Yes, I am praying that the Lord touches my business venture in a wonderful way.  I can't see why He wouldn't...He gave me the idea : )

Oh well, this will be another something to blog about...My journey into becoming a business owner.  And I am excited!

As I searched the web for a photo that would allow you to feel my emotion regarding this blog, I came across this one which is so on POINT!  Because last night, I moved my computer into my kitchen, because I don't have a desk yet...As the scripture in the Bible says, when the Prophet went to the widow for food, and she only have enought to feed her and her son, he asked her..."What do you have in your home???"  All she had was a jar, and the Lord blessed her with many more jars that ran over so she was able to feed the prophet and her family.  So...what do I have in my house???  A kitchen table aka my computer desk : )

I pray to have this humor throughout this journey.  Because I know I am being led by the Lord.  And He will get all of the glory!!!!  Because all I have is a kitchen table : )

To everyone that comes across this blog...What ever it is...You can do it!  Just take the first step...


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