Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Teenagers...need I say more?

Teenagers...One of our biggest challenges as parents. As I deal with a 17 year old daughter, that is SO excited that she will be 18 in May '10, she has marked on every calendar in the house...”Legal in “x” months”, and it is driving me crazy. I am often trying to get her to understand that turning 18 does not only mean you are LEGAL...(and legal to do what???) But it means you are responsible for your actions. The girl has tunnel vision on what it means to be “legal”. This morning I came across a book that hit the nail on the head, and I wanted to share this with other parents that are going through the pre-LEGAL stage. Enjoy.DOING -vs- BEINGThe difference between God's plan for our children and Satan's plan is that Satan wants them to believe they get to be an adult if they engage in adult behavior. In other words, he wants them to think that drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex will make them adults. God's plan is to teach them that adulthood is not about what they do; it is about who they are – as determined by their Creator.RIGHTS -vs- RESPONSIBILITIESThe plan your children follow will determine how they live their lives. Satan will try to get them to focus on their rights and consume themselves with self-interest. God wants to turn their focus away from their rights and toward their responsibilities.How this looks in practical terms is that in every area where Satan would want them to ask the question, “What are my rights?” God would ask them to consider, “As a godly young man or woman, what are my responsibilities?”The first step on the journey to adulthood is to choose God's plan over Satan's.So, the next time my daughter starts with being “legal at 18”, I am going to ask her “what are your responsibilities at 18.” And I am so sure this will shut her up : ) The truth tends to work that way (ha,ha)~Spirit invites you to the online "Secret Place."


  1. I absolutely love it. Your child must be kin to my child. Mine will be 17 in May...btw, when is your child b-day? HMMMM!!! Their minds are twisted and I'm with you...Legal to do what? Tell me so I can re-write the law. I am glad I am normal and that other people are in the same boat with me.

  2. are not alone. My daughter will be 18 May 3rd and I will be glad when she turns 18 and STILL have a curfew!!!