Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When you are down to your last cent...


Yesterday, I was trying to figure out financially what I needed to do. I get in my car, and realize, I am not on empty yet, but I will be in a few days, and payday is further in the future : ) so I sat in my car and said a prayer, for God to provide for me what I needed, and quoted His word of never seeing the righteous forsaking. As I ended my prayer, I opened my thing in the middle to sit my coffee cup, and there was $11.00. Just what I needed to put in my tank : ) we have to remember nothing is too small to ask the Lord. And the funny thing is, a friend of mine had said that morning, that our motto for the day was..."When you are down to your last cent...God will send a quarter." : ) Yes, God is really good!!!!!!


  1. I be thanking God for a penny. Isn't it the awesomeness of God how he can provide and you didn't even know how it got there. I declare with all honesty that I had a 20 dollar bill in my wallet and when I saw two 20's, I was like, what the fasheezy! God will do it just like he said he would.

  2. LOL!!! And the funny thing is, I am amazed everytime!!!!!